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Thread: Abuse Detection Technology?

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    Does anyone else make a phone?

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    People are jumping to huge conclusions with the disabling feature here. Neither you nor I know what it will REALLY be used for, but I doubt it will be used to disable the phone after it gets bumped in the car or other nonsense you people are posting. I would guess it has more to do with water damage and electrical components getting disabled quickly to try and stop chips from frying. There is no reason for Apple to disable any part of your device just because you dropped it. Not trying to protect Apple here, I see as many problems with this new system as anyone else does, but everyone is just going off of assumption here. If we are talking about fall damage, it would probably have to take a pretty big hit to register as abuse. Some are saying what if they drop it, it works fine then, and a month later it fails. Well, if you dropped it and it LOOKS banged up, even NOW they wouldn't replace it for you. If it doesn't physically look bad, I doubt their sensor is going to register it as a hard enough impact. Honestly though, we need a little more information as to how and WHY this will be used outside of a patent filing to be able to make judgment here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Go Gators View Post
    Apple has been making some big mistakes lately. It seems to me that they are starting to forget about the people that made them a multi-billion dollar company, their customers. They started making some great computers and then they came out with the iPhone and now it's all going to their head. They now look like one of the most greedy and stingy companies in America. Taking away great apps from their customers and nickel and dimming people to death over their warranties is just pathetic! They better start remembering where they came from because if this type of greediness continues it will come back to bite them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoNightmareX View Post
    But it doesn't count if it's open handed, right? Wrong. In February of 2008 Apple filed for a patent that would be able to detect abusive acts on products such as Macbook Pros, iPhones, iPods, etc.

    These abusive acts would be stored into memory and would be used by Apple employees to determine whether a warranty is voided or not. The has already been implemented, to a degree, in the devices listed above but Apple plans to take it to a whole new level.

    In theory, this abuse detection system would be able to tell Apple if the device was exposed to moisture, extreme heat, dropped, or tampered with. Bad news for people trying to take advantage of the warranties by saying it is hardware failure .

    According to Apple, this detection system would also be able to aid the devices by being able to:
    AppleInsider | Apple working on device abuse detection technology
    COME ON.. Big Brother doesn't want to Pay Out for Warranty Claims.. Extended Warranties are a Great Revenue Stream... Paying on the Claim.. NOT So Much..
    And Then One Day.., You'll Plug in a Non Jobs Product and Your iPhone will.... "Please See Your AT&T Service Centre"
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    Interesting stuff...surprised nobody talks about the only place that does offer accidental coverage for the iPhone...but I digress. People are freaking out about a patent...who knows if it will ever come to be, anyway...they might try it, see the reaction of the customer base and ditch the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay316 View Post
    Once you purchase a product surely its up to you if you put it in a blender or drive over it in a car, what right do Apple have to stop us abusing our stuff? thats like saying you can't slap your girlfriend, she's your girlfriend, you own her, you can do what you want to her lol
    i lol'd to this ty

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