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Thread: iTunes 8.2.1 Available for Download

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikmc915 View Post
    Caution!!! Caution!!! Caution!!!
    Ok I just realized that my sync'd apps are not launching. Stock apps run fine but apps I downloaded from the app store and re-synced are crashing emediatly. I haven't determined the cause yet but please stay clear of the update!!!!!
    You always should reset your phone after a new app is installed.

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    Hi everybody
    I'm new in here. I want to know if is it safe to download iTunes 8.2.1 right now? Or I should wait for a while that the Dev Team will determine if it wouldn't locked my jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 3G on the future?

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    here's a link to download 8.2 in case anyone needs to downgrade, or like me, you had a really old version and need to upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robogobo View Post
    here's a link to download 8.2 in case anyone needs to downgrade, or like me, you had a really old version and need to upgrade.
    I can't se any link :/

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    hmm, no confirmation from either teams on whether its safe to update yet eh ?

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    Why upgrade at all if it doesn't offer any advantages over the previous version?

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    My Rule of Thumb:

    Always wait at least two weeks before upgrading to any newer version. As one other member said earlier; I'm really enjoying the MMS part and do NOT want to take any chances.

    So my advice to all the newbies....DO NOT UPGRADE YET until you can read an overwhelming majority here saying that its ok.


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    well dangit ... i just got my 3gs two days ago ... had the previous version of itunes, but the redsn0w jailbreak guide I had found told me to update the most recent version.

    So I did update and I was able to jailbreak and plug back in and sync with the new version of Itunes ok... don't know what this means for the future though.

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    I don't know if this will help anyone but i upgraded to 8.2.1 last night so i could finally upgrade my phone to 3.0. I jailbroke my phone and a friends (both 3g's) phone with redsnow with no incident.

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    HAHA people using the pre can no longer use itunes if they upgrade itunes =] i knew that apple was definatley going to close that.

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    I upgraded to 8.2.1 this morning and restored and re-jailbroke my iPhone 3g tonight just fine!

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    Default Music sync
    I was in the middle of a vista re install and installed the new itunes without realising it was updated and had to re sync all apps but all seems fine so far !
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrGoforth View Post
    I upgraded to 8.2.1 this morning and restored and re-jailbroke my iPhone 3g tonight just fine!
    Newbie question, but since I used redsn0w to JB my 3GS, if I do a factory restore through itunes, would that essentially unjailbreak the phone and restore it as brand new? In case of warranty issues or something of that nature? And should I do a backup now with my jailbroken apps installed?

    And would that be the process if a new and improved jailbreak was released?

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    Just a quick heads up.... I updated with itunes and found no issues with my tmobile iphone. It also does not affect the jailbreakin process.

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    It's over for Apple and the Pre. Users of the Pre already know it'll sync so whatever they patched will be broken and the Pre guys will be back in action for music syncing. The ability to do that alone will sell a million more Pre's. That's like their little jailbreak

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    Hmm...why is my brand new macbook pro being shipped with a 4 month old version of itunes??? ok, time to start looking for iTunes 8.2.....
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    So this new itunes is confirmed OK right??

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    Quote Originally Posted by algojobathosai View Post
    So this new itunes is confirmed OK right??
    Did you read the thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hackermy2 View Post
    I can't se any link :/
    ****, sorry. I swear it was there.

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    I had actually forgotten about this update. So it's ok to update? I tried the link ^^^ and could not get it to work.

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