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Thread: Safari Beta 4 Released OS X + Windows. Awesome so far ...

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    Can anyone supply a direct link? I'm not able to download it with Firefox or Safari 3.

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    Default 4 my iphone?
    what are the chances of us ever seeing this on our phones anytime soon? iphone safari functions nicely,but due for an update

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    Now I'm in Windows 7 and I can download it, but I can only get the Windows version. I'll just wait for the Mac version to hit the torrents.

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    ^Erm...never lol

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    psss better than IE7

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    tabs on top is SO chrome :P

    which i love (chrome)

    chrome crashes A LOT while browsing mmi tho, when opeinng multiple tabs, ALL OF THEM CRASH IF ONE CRASHES, i would like to know why... chrome or mmi fault ?

    that aside, i love this new safari, and makes my switches between osx and windows much les painfull (since there is no chrome on osx, and most of what i do with computers, is internet browsing)

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    Downloaded today, I have to say I really like it. One feature I really like is the top sites piece, I wish it was a little easier to set instead of it using your history. BUt I'm sure in time I will figure it out more so. The other is the browsing history coverflow, I always asked myself is this the site I was at when I found this... now I can easily tell by viewing the coverflow. Instead of picking one, then having to go back to my history find where I was then try the next one. Kudos to Apple on this release.

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    EEHHHH.....Dont like it, to slow. Man, Apple trys to hard to be pretty sometimes and forgets about speed and functionability.

    I will stick with Advant for sure!

    "TIP JAR" = thanks

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    Shuuweeet just finished downloading ^_^
    EDIT: NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! I lost my baby blue loading bar! Now it's just a spinner... :'( *sob*
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    this completely sucks!!!

    i installed it but it wont even launch!!

    it just asks me to send a report

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    I think this is really nice, however customize toolbar is missing a reload icon, which sucks as I use reload quite a lot! wonder why they've left it out? I know you can us apple+r for it but I always forget that in everyday use! plus I like clicking buttons!
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    The reload button is to the right of the website in the text entry bar. I tried to find it in customize toolbar option too, and was scared for a second until I found it.

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    Is it just me, or does Apple appear to be taking a few ideas from Google? I'm about to download and test Safari Beat 4, but from the photos in this post alone, Safari 4 resembles Chrome. The tabs being located at the top of the windows and the default homepage are taken almost exactly from Chrome.

    Also, does anyone know if Safari 4 has the same security bug as Safari 3 had? I can't remember what exactly it was, but I remember reading about it on MMi. Does anyone know if Safari 4 will support plug-ins or addons? I use Firefox's AdBlock and I'd really like to see it on the new Safari.
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    ^^^Its definitely got some Chrome shine to it. But its got even more; and from what I can tell so far, its more stable than chrome (cant say for sure, only been using since this afternoon).
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    Amazing! I used to use Firefox and Google Chrome and I do have to admit the start-up speed it a little slow for me but both my previous browsers would take forever and a day to load any page on (which is my 2nd most visited site, next to youtube) but Safari loads right up! But for some reason when I open a new tab it doesn't show my most viewed sites, its not in preferences either...hmm. Still a great browser though!

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    it's looking pretty cool. the cover flow has been a bit overdone, if you ask me. i don't even use it in itunes. however, i do like the new tab location, zoom, and top sites!
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    well I love the cover flow in iTunes and I enjoy the feature in this safari update...I think its awesome I really like the adaptive reaction of safari determining which are your favorite websites.
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    I Love Safari 4 it actaully is pretty fast apples just cant stop outdoing themselfs can they...

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