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Thread: Leaked New Mac-Mini Pic?

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    Default Leaked New Mac-Mini Pic?

    Is it real? Hope so -- the Mac-Mini is getting very old at this point and needs a major overhaul. If the picture is real then the rumored specs that go along with the image are probably real as well.
    • Mini DVI connector
    • Mini DisplayPort connector
    • FireWire 800 (I thought Apple was ditching Firewire)
    • Five USB ports
    • Aluminum Shell
    • Probably Nvidia gfx -- some iteration of GeForce 9400M
    • Tentative release date of March

    [via electronista]

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    i might consider buying one when they come out... if this is real

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    i'm with you! I wonder whats the pricing gonna be like.

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    If pricing points stay the same (and I sort of expect them to go up with this aluminum unibody deal) they will probably be overpriced. As it stands now you are better off just getting one of the classic white MacBooks. With this thing you need to buy a monitor and keyboard/mouse (which I am sure most people would buy all Apple product here). Not sure if the mini is meant to be a budget computer but IMO better things can be had at the price.
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    This looks awesome. I also would like to see the ability to have two monitors.

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    Am I the only one that want's multiple Firewire ports on this thing?!

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