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Thread: Aluminum Macbook + New Macbook Pro Rumors

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    Default Aluminum Macbook + New Macbook Pro Rumors

    On October 14th we expect the long awaited update to the Macbook line of laptops from Apple. For many months now an update has been expected to the Macbook line since the current design is getting a little old and outdated. One of the biggest complaints to the current line has been the plastic casing. The Macbook Pro is covered in nice aluminum along with the Macbook Air. According to AppleInsider people "in the know" have seen these new aluminum Macbooks in the wild finally allowing the Macbook to join the rest of the Apple laptop family with higher quality skin.

    Also on the rumor table is the new Macbook Pro. If rumors are true there will be drastic changes between the current model and the newest version.
    • Glass touchpad with dock moved inside the touchpad rather than on the screen. This is complete rumor so far as no one can confirm if this feature is a go. Of course if you believe pictures claims to have pictures of the new macbook pro.

    • In the picture above there also seem to be rounded corners reminiscent of the Macbook Air.
    • No more bulky 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port. It will be replaced by a mini-DVI port like the one found on the current macbook.

    If all of these rumors are true then it looks like an exciting October 14th. The question about what "The Brick" is has yet to be answered. Could it be the aluminum Macbook or a new Macbook Pro?

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    so sick! i gotta work overtime if they come out with that new pro so i can get me one of those

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    Not liking the dock on the touchpad.. and Not liking the glass either..
    And I LIKE the glossy plastic casing..


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    I was hoping to purchase one of these when they were rumored to be out in sept. So lets hope it stays true about Oct. 14th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conn18 View Post
    Not liking the dock on the touchpad.. and Not liking the glass either..
    And I LIKE the glossy plastic casing..

    are you crazy? even if this is completely fake, the idea is simply brilliant. i mean really, can you imagine the implication of having an iphone interface in place of the touchpad???? every app would have interactive controls built onto the touchpad area. it would be pretty much the sweetest thing ever! lol and i'm sure these pics are shopped. but still. i can see apple going with an idea like this. it totally fits their current product line and marketing schemes. new macbooks are half macbook air and half iphone, complete with amazing innovative touch interface, putting them on the cutting edge of the technology industry (right where they like to be) and convincing all their computer minded consumers that might be looking past the iphone right now, to reconsider after experiencing what the touch interface does to their desktop (and vice versa, iphone users interested in apple computers for the first time because the interface and technology they know already is now part of it). Plus, they've been moving in this direction for a long time. first it was two finger scrolling trackpads, then the iphone came out, showing the full capabilities. then the air has some of the two finger gestures built into it for apps like iphoto and such, and now the macbook air styled new macbooks have the whole deal built right in. So, it matches apples product line up until now, AND it matches the future perfectly also: maybe we're not getting a macbook tablet yet. but what better transitional product than a macbook with a tablet style touchpad? it gets the programmers/developers AND the consumers thinking in the right direction and starting to think about all the things they could do if they had a mac tablet. then by next year the WHOLE world will be DROOLING over the thought... seems like the perfect stepping stone to me. **drools**

    and you like the plastic casing? mine is breaking everywhere it possibly can.
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    OMG guys look at the track pad it has a dock on it Wowwwww I am excited now if the track pad has the dock down there that would be amazing.

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    dude, its like a friggin iphone as the touchpad!!! lolz

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    i'm sooooo looking forward to the update.... it just keeps getting more and more exciting. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conn18 View Post
    Not liking the dock on the touchpad.. and Not liking the glass either..
    And I LIKE the glossy plastic casing..


    dude.. youre getting a dell.........

    How amazing are these updates if they were true.... dock in the touchpad? how awesome!? glossy plastic was cool but none the less... outdated

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    Default Just bought a macbook pro
    Damm, I just bought a macbook pro today! Do you think there is something I can do to get the new one as a replacement?

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    Ugghh I hate when new Apple Products come out. It makes me feel so outdated, especially since I got my MacBook in April.

    Lyfe Sux..

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    Great, I've been waiting for the new macbook pro since the recent refresh in february... I've already placed My Shi*ty '06 Dell Inspiron 6400 next to the bin ready for recycling on October 14

    new-macbook-pro-with-the-sexy-as-Glass-touchpad-with-the-dock-moved-inside-it, Here I come.

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    Someone interested in buying my old one ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josephali View Post
    Ugghh I hate when new Apple Products come out. It makes me feel so outdated, especially since I got my MacBook in April.

    Lyfe Sux..
    Lmao I completely agree.. They always bring out new versions of things making you feel old That's why I hate buying iPods

    ~ The wonderful world of iPod ♫

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    I would seriously hate the dock on a glass trackpad. For instance, if you had a 1920px resolution and had loads of icons on the dock that usually fill the screen width, how would you be able to see that on the trackpad? What about gestures and clicking? Oops, i clicked on an icon and now i'm opening a program instead of clicking a button. I like the look of the macbook in the photo and i wasn't keen on the black keyboard because i would have preferred white / grey keys in the air style and not the current macbook style which is like all other keyboards but it does make it look quite good inblack with the black around the screen.

    It does look photoshopped though. Nevertheless it does look good apart from the dock thing, id prefer it on screen. And a glass trackpad seems to much like an iphone. It would feel a bit odd and get loads of fingerprints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TweegyBlink View Post
    Someone interested in buying my old one ?
    How much??
    What specs, condition etc??
    How old??

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    ...checking NDA...most I can say is that the photo is NOT photoshopped.

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    i dont doubt the no plastic rumor but that pic clearly fake as hell.
    and the dock on the trackpad idea is retard.
    i dont want to have to look down that much to change apps.
    too lazy. easy as that.

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