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Thread: Broekn Mac

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    Default Broekn Mac
    EDIT: Title spelling FAIL!

    Not sure if this is the place for this or not... if not please move to appropriate forum.

    I will make the story short...

    My Macbook got run over and is in need of exchange (under insurance through Best Buy). Somehow I am still able to plug in an external screen, keyboard, and mouse, so it still works, but the screen is completely trashed. The body is also bent... it's a miracle the motherboard wasn't damaged beyond the point of being able to function.

    Anyway, all of my itunes/iphone stuff is on there. Everything else important is backed up, but I need to get all my music and everything off. What would be the best/most efficient way to do this? I am almost sure they are just going to "junk it out" and give me a new one 1-2 weeks down the road, and they usually don't give the hdd back in that case (girlfriend is a manager at Best Buy, so going off of what she tells me). Ideally I want to restore at least my itunes so that on the new unit I can just plug our phones in a sync "like nothing happened". I am probably dreaming in that regard. I am hoping that I can at least back up the media, apps, etc.

    For now I am making sure to get everything on my phone that I need. I guess the main concern is having to set things up as a "brand new" phone with a new computer. This would be quite the PITA since I have my phone and my girlfriend's phone to deal with.

    One more thing. I do have a PC I can at least back the data up on to. Again, the concern is having to reconfigure everything as far as iTunes and iPhone sync is concerned, which is what I'm trying to avoid!


    Any/all suggestions welcome!

    Wow... surprised to see nothing from this forum

    Went ahead and bought an external HDD and plan to use time machine.
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    Yeah. I was about to suggest using an external hd. Also for music, could back it all up to your iPhone. If you have a jailbroke iPhone and the space you could ssh your stuff to your phone...

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    A time machine backup should save almost all you stuff. And when you get a replacement mac all you do is restore from that time machine backup and it will be exactly how you left it settings and all.

    Arg, got fished into a old thread revival.
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