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Thread: Backspace issues. iphone 5 (7.0.4 11B554a -- jailbroken)

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    For the longest time, well since February of this year my iphone5 was on 6.1.2, then last night, when I saw that iOS7 already has a jailbreak. Without any hesitation, I updated to 7.0.4 then jailbroke my device.

    No here's the problem, im not sure if its really like this or is it just me or something BUT when i press on backspace, regardless where I am; from notes - browsers (safari / chrome) anywhere where you can virtually type I have this problem, instead of deleted ONE(1) character at a time, backspace deletes TWO(2) characters at a time.

    Could someone please please please, enlighten me on the issue I'm facing. Is it a bug am I not alone on the issue (is it an issue?)

    Update: Correction on the virtually anywhere. On cydia if I was to search back space deletes one character per tap.


    Removing swipeselection resolved the issue. Must be issues still with swipeselection & ios7
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    Well I'm running 7.0.4 jail broken and everything seems to be fine on my 5s. Not sure what's the problem with the 5. Restore and try it again.

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    I have an iPhone 4, and I have exactly the same issue!
    JB went smoothly w/o any problems.
    Yet, with SwipeSelection, backspace deletes 2 characteres at a time.
    If I uninstall SwipeSelection, backspace is OK.
    I installed it again, and again - 2 characters deleted.
    Anyone would know about that???

    One addition: how strange this could sound, I have the impression that with SwipeSelection, the iPhone is much faster. It's like it reacts to my typing faster then when SwipeSelection isn't installed. Strange, huh?!

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    Found the answer on the Mac Rumors forums:

    1) Go into Cydia and add the repo, TomLube's Repository -
    2) Install SwipeSelection (iOS 7 Patch)

    Issue should be resolved.

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