Hi, first i will ask the questions that i would like to get help with.

I've bought a sprint locked iphone 5 from ebay from a very respected seller and reliable company, I'm in australia and i cannot bypass the setup screen. I did somehow get the R-SIM 7+ to get to the unlock menu but stupidly removed the sim from slot to try use it on optus so didnt finish process and not sure how to get back to it. I dont have a sprint sim nor can apple senior staff or sprint help. I've phoned both and sprint are saying even though the phone was paid off i will need to commit to a 2 year contract to have it unlocked.

I need to get past the activation / setup screen so that i can access settings to get into R-SIM 7+ menu to unlock the phone. Is there a way to skip the setup with no sim or with unsupported sim (the emergency call trick is not working) and the voice message bypass isnt working. I can't use itunes update since the phone isnt activated only restore.

  1. Is there currently a way to jailbreak or bypass activation screen on iphone 5 running 6.1.4 or 7.0?
  2. (i know there is currently not) Why is there not a jailbreak for the ios 6.1.4?

I Wont send the phone back to usa and go through the process of buying a new one or replacing etc. I'm not saying it would be easy. But im open to suggestions. I simply need to get past the activation.

Also i see there is no jailbreaks for ios 6.1.4 yet, Not sure why but i might look into it and develop my own for it. But if anybody has solutions or can give me a suggestion or hint to bypass the activation menu with unsupported sim or no sim i would be grateful.

PS: I'm using mac os x however bout to dual boot my macbook with windows 8.1 and linux so any platform tools are ok.

Thanks guys, Macko