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Thread: Is my phone connected to 3g?

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    Default Is my phone connected to 3g?
    I apologize if I put to much info in this but not sure what is needed, if anything..

    I jailbroke my iphone 4.2.8 with cydia and installed the following:

    voice activator

    I noticed the 3g toggle in SBsettings was red and when I click it it turns green but when I reopen the sbsettings it is red again.. It does say 3g on the status bar and it does connect to the network.. Speeds vary from .2 Mbps to .9Mbps using app.. I also noticed when I went into the iphone settings under network the 3g on/off toggle now says "Cellular Data on/off"...

    I uninstalled all the jailbreak items including cydia and restaroed the iphone but still says Cellular data instead 3g.

    Do I have an issue???

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    ANyone?? PLease???

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    I restored to new phone status and still says "cellular data" instead of 3 g.. How can I tell if I am able to connect to 3g or nt? The status bar does say 3g on it..

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    If it shows the 3G in the status bar that means it's connected with 3G, also give it a test, try loading a site like NY Times, or something that you've never loaded before see how long it takes, then turn off 3G and try loading a different site you've never loaded... Edge should take longer.
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    Well the thing is it does show a 3G in status bar and every once in a while shows a "O".. There is no way for me to turn off 3G as the sbsettings toggle doesn't work and the only native settings doesn't say 3G just cellular data and when it's toggled off I get no data connection. I hope I explained correctly..
    I did a complete restore and reset to factory but still doesn't say 3G in settings so I guess it is what it is... Sure would be nice to fix it though

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    The Verizon iPhone does not have an option in settings to turn off 3G, you can only disable the cellular data.

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    Verizon iPhone only says cellular data so make sure that's on. And I'n the status bar u should see it say 3 g. And if u don't have 3g service that's when it shows o

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