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Thread: My touch is actually cant be restored

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    Default My touch is actually cant be restored
    I was using the ziphone program to jailbreak it and it was supposd to take 45 was at 45 minutes and i got impatient (which was a mistake) and unplugged it. Now the only thing i see on my screen when it is on is:
    "BDS root : md0, major 2, minor 0"
    "BDS root : md0, major 2, minor 0"
    "BDS root : md0, major 2, minor 0"
    "BDS root : md0, major 2, minor 0"
    "BDS root : md0, major 2, minor 0"

    over and over non stop......can it be repaired?

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    Ah, that's an easy fix.
    Two friends asked me to jailbreak their iPod touches and I got that... Boy was I shitting my pants. I thought I would end up having to replace two $400 16 gigs.
    Fortunately, I figured out a solution.
    Turn it off by holding down the top "Sleep" button.
    Whilst having the iPod plugged in, turn it back on by holding the top button AND the home button. Once the Apple comes up, you can let go of the top button (don't let go of the home button) and unplug it and re-plug it in quickly.
    Then, once in ziPhone (windows version...) you should be able to hit "Normal mode" and it'll get things back to normal for you.

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    This works better...hold power/sleep and home button and just keep holding it until it goes to the "Plug into iTunes" screen.
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    That is such an old problem. I had that problem about 2 weeks ago and got it fixed the same day. You should've been using the new ziphone program made with a feature SPECIFICALLY FOR IPOD TOUCHES. How'd you get ahold of the broken one...nevermind i just realized this might have been before the update. There's a guide somewhere on here that gets you out of that. INFO WILL BE LOST!
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    Nice video for peps who dont know how to.

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    Use ziPhone (the newest version is now 3.0 I believe) or even better, iLiberty+. I find that iLiberty leaves you with fewer issues after jailbreaking.
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    I just used iLiberty+ to jailbreak 1.1.4 and it was far more complex than 1.1.1 Its working very well now with only minor glitches. ILiberty features the ability to manually go into recovery mode with the press of a button. That helped me get it unfrozen. Stick with lower firmware, less problems for less advanced users.
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    The problem with lower firmwares is that not all apps work on them.

    I'd say the best fw to be at right now is 1.1.2. I highly discourage 1.1.3, because of a lot of bugs.

    Also, 1.1.1 is easiest to jailbreak and stable, but somewhat buggy and not as many apps for it.

    1.1.4 is easy to jailbreak as well, but you get more bugs after the fact because the user is /private/var/mobile instead of /private/var/root.

    Hope this helped.
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