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Thread: Ipod Touch 3g, Acting Strange, Won't work off wall charger.

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    Default Ipod Touch 3g, Acting Strange, Won't work off wall charger.
    I bought an ipod touch 3g recently, used. It had a problem when i got it, but i figured i could fix it.
    It had firmware 4.2.1 when i got it.

    It wouldnt work off the wall charger, everytime i unplugged it, it instantly turns off. So i reset the ipod from the settings and erased everything to see if it helped. It showed the connect to itunes screen, so i unplugged it and it stayed on.

    I connected it to my pc and it set up the ipod. I started using the ipod minutes later, and then when using safari, it turned off again. So i plugged up my charger and it came back on, But my wifi network wouldn't show up. I also tried bluetooth and it wouldn't find any devices. My iphone 3gs would find the wifi network and find a bluetooth headset.

    So I restored and updated to 4.3.5, and the same thing. It worked then shut off. I couldn't get it to format and work off the charger Though.

    Luckily, I was able to enter recovery mode when it was plugged into my pc. I tried to downgrade to 4.1 to see if this helped my problem. I think it downgraded succesfully, but i cant get the phone to boot normally with my pc to get it off of the 'connect to itunes' screen. I can still enter recovery mode, and i can start it with my wall charger but i can't use it with my pc.

    The ipod is out of warranty obviously since i bought it used. It has never been jailbroken. I was thinking it was the battery to start off with, but wasn't sure when it worked last night without a charger. I wanted to see if anyone thought it could be a software issue, b4 i tried taking the ipod apart.

    Any suggestions? or Fixes? It would be good just to get off the connect to itunes screen. But it will not start on my pc unless i enter recovery mode.
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    Sounds very in dept and complicated. My two pence is just that it has to be the hardware. !

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