Hey guys (and girls). So I have this really weird problem that has started on my iPod Touch recently. It drains very, very fast when I have it on lock.. only on lock!! I have been using MobileNotifier, and I wanted to try the iOS 5 theme for LockInfo. After installing LockInfo, with Mail (Push), Notifications, and Calendar plugins on Lock and InfoShade, the battery started draining a little too fast for my taste (maybe 1% every 10 min.) So I removed it and tried Notified 2 Beta wth the Bar Plugin (From the original repo). Drainage continued.. so I uninstalled it and installed MobileNotifier again, like before.. Now the battery drains like crazy!! I charged it upto 100% last night, locked it, and immediately unlocked it, and the battery gauge said 93%!! I'm on vacation, and I can't restore my iPod. I had jailbroken my iPod with Sn0wbreeze, and then applied the redsn0w 0.9.6rc16, to fix the battery drain issue.. but now its draining again.. please help!!!