I've been trying to restore ipod from iTunes but at the last few seconds, it gets communication error. Tried several times but to no avail... What's wrong here?

Phone status: When power on, it shows the apple logo and shuts down. Used snowbreeze with 3.1.2. Got thru but then stuck @ "waiting for ibss". When restart manually and put phone in "Resotre Mode", not DFU, process continues but then it powers off after few minutes. When power back on, same thing, apple logo then shuts down.

redsnow 094: Same process as instructed. It get stuck and "waiting for boot". Did same thing, put phone in "Restore Mode" and process continues then phone shuts down. When powered back on, same thing.

Cannot Shift-Restore. Not compatible FW. I've tried 3.1.2 & 3.1.3 for ipod but same restult, apple logon then shut down.

Can somebody help me here?