Hi guys, i still dont' know what is the best way to upgrade without loosing my aps.

I need to upgrade my jb ipod 4 running on 4.1 to 4.3.3 so i can use my pc with my new IPAD 2.

What are the steps i need to do? do i upgrade from the ITUNES or click on restore. My Itunes is an old version as well.

I did some homework and here is what i have:
I save my shsh blob using tinyUmbrella
I downloaded pkg back up and backup my files and put them on my dropbox.
I already dw the redsnow jailbreaker for 4.3.3 so i'm ready to jailbreak again.
Now I dont' know what is the next step..how to upgrade it? I need the steps...

Please anybody with experience help me please, before i new IOS version comes out.
thank you