Alright, so my friend wanted me to jailbreak his ipod touch 4g.. and he was running IOS 4.3.1.. so Itunes didnt want to downgrade it.

I looked around for a little bit and found something called iReb which puts it into a "PWNED" black screen mode to install custom ipsw's.. It worked perfectly, I installed IOS 4.2.1 and jailbroke with greenpoison rc6.. worked great but the GP logo lagged and when to blackscreen.. OF COURSE its still in PWNED dfu mode.. so nothing worked and i went to restore with itunes... nd got the 3194 error.. AND yes i made shure my hosts were correct, I even tried restoring on another pc.. no luck

So ive been searching for at least 12 hours looking for an answer but this device is so stubborn..

the only lead i got was when i jailbroke with redsnow.. when i booted tethered and it booted to lock screen for like minute. and the screen has never tunred on since.. also both the greenpoison and the redsnow will no longer jailbreak it...

i used my ipod 2g and ifunbox to replace all system files on the 4g with the files from the 2g.. and still nothing

at the moment itunes detects it in restore mode and still wont update.. also none of the programs ive used to kick it out of dfu mode have worked...

any suggestions