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Thread: Jailbreak application debacle. HELP!!!

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    Default Jailbreak application debacle. HELP!!!
    ok i wil lmake this as short as i can.

    Jailbroke my ipod touch 4g for the first time about 10 days ago. Everything was working great, used Sn0wbreeze to break it.

    Installed a program called Categories(gives you the ability to create folders which will hold as many applications as you want in each.), again everything was great till i stupidly/unknowingly told the settings inside the application categories to hide my folders.(Duh...i don't have a clue what i was thinking.)

    this morning i saw there was a new version ios 4.3.3 for the ipod touch so i though..ok...we'll install the new ios which will wipe out my jailbreak and once the new ios was installed i would re-jailbreak and start over.

    everything went as planned installed new ios jail-broke it again this time using redsn0w just to try and see if there was any great difference between the two.

    only when i tried to install a theme things went bad. it seems that during the download of the theme it downloaded winter-board on its own and when the theme and winter-board was done installing my ipod went right back to everything hidden as if i reinstalled the application "categories" which i did not.

    why did winterboard do this, does it remember things you've done by saving what you have done to an online database of some sort? and how can i fix this. any help would be most appreciated.

    and whats the real difference between sn0wbreez, redsnow, green poison, which is the best or gives the most stuff to play with.

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    It can save settings. Try going I to to cydia. Then clickthe manage tab at the bottom. Scoll down to the app that hides your other apps. Uninstall that app. That should work. Hopefully.

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    as i mentioned i have no access to any of my apps they're all in folders created by the application called categories and the folders are hidden. but when i re-jailbroke this second time i did not install the application called categories it seems to be remembered by either cydia or winterboard. my screen is completely blank only the wallpaper is showing nothing else.
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    Ok. Try ur spotlight search. Search for cydia or anything really. Let me know if that helps. If not I will get u an email address for support

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