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Thread: Battery Issues with iPod Touch 4G

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    Default Battery Issues with iPod Touch 4G
    I got this for my daughter, 32GB iPod Touch Firmware 4.1 Jailbroken with Limera1n. Installed apps, Winterboard, iBlank, NoSpot & Clear Lock. This is my second time charging it but the battery has gone screwy. I drained it completely till it shut off when I plugged it in it says it's 47% once it booted up . I think it might be iBlank as I started to notice some inconsistency with the battery after I installed that, so I was wondering if any one else is having this issue or any one using iBlank is or any helpful suggestions aside from the obvious which is she like to have custom layouts for the icons. Thanks in advance
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    Hey, I can help you with this issue. I've also had this issue.

    The issue isn't iBlank. It is Limera1n, Try and use Greenpois0n.

    Limera1n has several bugs compared to greenpois0n.

    Keep me updated.

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    Default I'm trying Greenpoison
    Well I did a restore than jailbroke with greenpoison the battery still isn't displaying correctly but it seems to be holding a charge unlike the previous jailbrake with Limera1n. What I don't get is it's the same exploit how can it be different? I used Limera1n on my ip4 it took about 4-6 attempts before it worked but no issues on that device

    Update: Still having issues with the battery, the percent fluctuates dropping then rising & dropping again. I know this exploit covers more gen's, but I kinda wish we could have got shatter exploit instead...I have never experienced these kind of problems with a jailbreak before. It's very inconstant from working for some & not others, to all the bugs. This is the first time I've ever not been happy to jailbreak my devices. Though I appreciate all the hard work done to give everyone their jailbreak
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    Seeing that you have the new iPod Touch. Try and restore without jailbreak, is it still having problems? After that, if it is, take it to the Apple store and get it diagnosed.

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    Default Still the same problem
    I have restored twice now with no jailbreak & still the same issue. Does Apple have a special diagnostic now?(LamboFan) As I'm worried because the exploit is a hardware exploit so even though I have restored can they tell it was jailbroke previously as that only has to do with the firmware when you restore...with the diagnostic? I didn't know they had a diagnostic now, those people that work @ Apple are useless as I know more about the devices then they do. They also make it so hard to get a replacement like I don't know when there is something wrong with my device, it took me 3 weeks in which I spent about 8 hours on the phone with Apple to get my iPad replaced cause it had a hardware problem.
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