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Thread: :confused:Help Jailbreaking/Downgrading Please

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    Default :confused:Help Jailbreaking/Downgrading Please
    Please help me!

    So I've got a 8GB (MC model) 3rd Gen Ipod Touch. I was happily jailbroken, running on 3.1.2. Everything was fine and dandy but today I attempted to update some stuff on Cydia, then my ipod crashed into Safe Mode. Restarting didn't help and Cydia wouldn't open; it kept crashing while in safe mode. So I foolishly restored my Ipod to iOS 4.1.

    So, now I've got iOS 4.1 and I really want to return to a jailbroken ipod, but limerain, and greenpoison aren't working. I looked it up and found out it was cause my ipod model isn't supported.

    Limerain just restarts my ipod, greenpoison can;t recognize I'm in DFU mode. I tried snowbreeze 2 but it's been stuck "waiting for iBSS" for forever.

    (Btw is my Ipod technically a 3rd Gen or a 2nd Gen? It has a speaker like the other 3rd gens but it is an MC model)

    Back to the issue, after skimming around the forums, I know that I need to downgrade to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3. I have tried to follow directions on other tutorials, but I have failed in the end. When I hit (shift) and click restore, then I select the 3.1.2 ispw it keeps saying "firmware not compatible."

    I have downloaded various 3.1.2 ispw's to find a "compatible" one.

    The 3.1.2 firmware for the Iphone 3G, iphone 3GS, Ipod touch 3rd Gen, and the ipod touch 2nd gen ispw's all keep saying "firmware not compatible."

    I'm not sure if I ever made SHSH blobs (which if someone could explain to me what they were, that would be much appreciated), but I did accept that thing in Cydia "YES, I would like Cydia to make my life easier..." or whatever it said. I dunno if that helps but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    According this tutorial I'm following:
    Downgrade iOS 4.1 To iOS 4, iOS 3.1.3, iOS 3.1.2

    I'm supposed to go change something in "hosts" via notepad. When I change the thing, my computer tells me I need to be an administrator... I am only account and the only adiministrator on my computer.

    Sigh..I have spent several hours on this today and I'm feeling like I reached a dead end. Could some one:

    a) Tell me an alternate method to jailbreak an 8GB (MC model) 3rd Gen Ipod Touch running 4.1

    b)Teach me how to downgrade correctly

    c)Tell the developers to hurry up with an MC model jailbreak.

    Please help! I miss my jailbroken ipod
    I'm sorry if this issue was already addressed in a different post. This is my first time using these forums.

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    You have a 2g iPod.

    Sounds like you could downgrade since you let cydia back up your shsh blobs. But I don't know the methods on that, I am sure there is a guide posted here somewhere for it.

    Neither of the two "advertised" MC jailbreaks work, (at least not on an 8gig iPod touch 2g running 4.1) or that anyone has specifically stated they had one of the two programs work.. however that said sn0wbreeze-V2.0.2 may just help you out in your case as you were previously JB'in and have your shsh backed up with cydia...

    So try that out maybe and let us know.

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    I finally got the "hosts" file edited, but I've got another question.

    I still get the "incompatible" message. I'm running ITunes 10, so I'm guessing that I need to use an older version. I've heard Itunes 10 is like this, any input?

    Luckily I have an old laptop that might have an old Itunes. I'm going to go give it a shot.

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    yes you will need an older iTunes.

    Good luck

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    An iPod touch 8GB 3G Is considered as a 2.5G, but is rounded down to a 2g. So when using snowbreeze or any other jail breaking software that requires an .Ipsw, make sure that you have the 2g version, not 3G

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