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Thread: I can't upgrade/restore/whatever my iPod touch 3G

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    Default I can't upgrade/restore/whatever my iPod touch 3G
    After hearing that limera1n actually works, I decided to upgrade my iPod touch 3G from 4.0 to 4.1.
    The problem I'm having is: The update freezes when it's almost done.
    The progressbar on my iPod stands still (waiting doesn't help, it shows said bar for 5 hours now), so does the bar in iTunes 10.

    I tried rebooting the device, nothing.
    I tried putting it in DFU mode, nothing.

    Does anyone know any quick solutions to my prob?

    Edit: I'm downloading iOS 4.0 as I write this, because I still have the SHSHs for that. (The download needs 3 hours to finish, though)
    If that also fails, I guess I'll have to see the nearest Apple reseller. :/
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    ok re-download the firmware, close all unneeded programs, expect itunes then try the upgrade again
    i have 20 lockerz invites pm me your email if you want one

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    Also try restore *not dfu* mode . That always does the trick for me

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    @ipod_guy: Already tried that three times. :/
    My iPod just shows that "connect to iTunes" screen.

    @rackstar: How can I enter the "normal" restore mode?

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    Today I tried restoring my iPod from DFU mode, again, nothing happens.
    But this time I got an error code: 1611.
    According to Apple's support pages, 1611 could mean that my iPod's hardware is messed up.
    I'll try to restore the device with another cable and on another PC, if that doesn't help, I'll go to an reseller on thursday.

    Edit: Problem solved: I restored my iPod using another cable.
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