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Thread: Unable to restore backup on iPod 3G, v4.0.0

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    Default Unable to restore backup on iPod 3G, v4.0.0

    I have a 3G iPod, 32GB, and it was jailbroken with However, after jailbreaking and rebooting, the wireless would only work with the network it was using when the exploit was run. I have the SHSH signature for 4.0.0 so I restored the OS and everything works fine. However, when I try to restore the backup to get all of my settings back, I get the error 'iTunes could not restore the iPod "iPod" because an error occurred.' There is no error number or anything else on the prompt (and nothing in the Windows event logs).

    I know that the backup file contains some files from Cydia and other modules. The backup was created on Windows, iTunes v 9.2.0. So far I've tried:

    Restoring with DFU mode, then using restore
    Restoring with recovery mode, then using restore
    Copying the backup directory to a Mac and trying to restore
    Restoring the firmware, jailbreaking, then using restore

    I have used Backup Extractor and can extract the data from the individual applications without problems. I've also confirmed that they do contain valid data.

    Do you have any suggestions on getting the backup restored? I'd rather not have to SFTP all of the configuration files back onto the device if I don't need to. Also, any tips with the flaky WiFi?

    Thank you.


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    I'm surprised no one had any suggestions. Anyhow, I ended up extracting all of the Documents and Library folders from the backup, restoring all of the applications via itunes, did a search for all of the new GUIDs for the applications (find regex '*/*.app$' under /private/var/mobile/Applications/ and matching the GUID to the app name), then writing a script that SCPs everything back to where it belongs. I also copied over select directories and files into /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences, Mail, and a few other folders to get my mail and other settings back under the OS. What a pain.


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