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Thread: Help with iPod Touch 2G

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    Default Help with iPod Touch 2G
    I have a friends iPod Touch 2G MB model he wanted me to jailbreak. When I got it it was still on 2.2.1 firmware so I was able to update to 3.0 and jailbreak but no higher (probably due to no SHSH on file.) I am trying to get it to at least 3.1.2 so I can at least get AppSync (the 3.0 version is apparently no longer available on Cydia). Just wondering if there is any way I can do this? I would update to 4.0 but now it's on 4.0.2. I also don't want a tethered jailbreak. This is really the only problem I've ever run into doing a JB and I've probably done 50 with all different devices. Stupid Apple and their signatures!
    BTW I'm on Windows XP. Thanks!

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    Sorry to hear that but if you want to update than your only option is 4.0.2 if you dont have an SHSH saved on cydia's server for 4.0 or 4.0.1

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    Is Cydia still storing signatures for 4.0.1 or did they already move to 4.0.2? The first thing I did when I upgraded was store the blobs but it still had a pending TSS request. I haven't checked it today to see which version it stored. So nothing can be done huh? No JB for the new firmware if I updated and can't downgrade. If it somehow stored the 4.0.1 I can upgrade to 4.0.2 then downgrade and JB with JailbreakMe though right?

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    Default I was having the same problem.
    I have a 2nd gen my buddy gave me to jailbreak and I could only get to 3.0
    I found a .ipsw that saved me! I'm at least on 3.1.2 now...
    It's almost can I share that with you?

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    thanks rottweiler1080z!
    When I got home the other day I noticed that Cydia managed to save the SHSH for 4.0! So I downloaded the firmware and updated with no problems. I was then able to use JailbreakMe and voila! Jailbroken AND on iOS4!

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    Ok, I'm in exactly the same boat here, but I need some clarification.

    I'll be helping get my friends 16GB iPod touch 2G upgraded to 4.0 jailbroken. It's currently on 2.2.1.

    Can I upgrade directly to 4.0 or do I have to go to 3.1.2 first? Do I need to backup my SHSH?

    Can any of you guys provide a walkthru on this or a good link?

    Sorry, I know I'm being a n00b, but I've been reading around and haven't really found the answers I need.


    Edit: I've already downloaded a copy of iOS 4 and will be doing the upgrade on a Mac running 10.5.x (although I can potentially do it on a PC too)
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    OK I didn't use his custom ISPW, but this is what I did.
    I updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 then jailbroke it with redsn0w. I immediately stored the SHSH in Cydia. It took about 24 hours, but it backed up the blobs for 4.0. I then used the 4.0 firmware I downloaded from felixbruns to do a Shift+Restore on my Windows PC and update to 4.0. You have to make sure you edit your host file to connect to Cydia, not Apple. The only issue you will run into is if Apple stopped signing the old firmware and is on 4.0.2 now. I just did this Friday, so you might still be OK.

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    Awesome, I'll give it a try tomorrow and report back.


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