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Thread: Restore after spirit Jailbreak 3.1.3

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    Default Restore after spirit Jailbreak 3.1.3
    I have a iPod Touch 3g 3.1.3. I tried to restore touch to factory so i could update to 4.0. I received error saying that it could not be restored. Any ideas as to what i should do?

    Has anyone tried to upgrade to 4.0 after spirit jailbreak
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    You can't restore 3.1.3 unless you have the SHSH blobs saved for it. You can do that with tiny umbrella and redirect iTunes to check for the SHSH where you saved it. Just go into DFU mode and hit restore, it will update you to 4.0 and factory settings. Don't try the factory settings reset on the iPod itself, if it's jailbroken, it will give you the wheel of death.

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    This is what I want to know I'm on an itouch 3g on FW 3.1.3 jailbroken with spirit, and I want to go to 4.0 should I just click restore and update, dfu mode then restore and update or someones tells me on my post that just updating clears the jailbreak cleanly? Which one should I do ? Thanks bz

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    Thanks for the info. I'll try it this weekend and let ya know how it went. How do you put the iPod touch into dfu mode

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    Just search on YouTube plenty of guides

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    I put my touch in dfu mode. I then started restore and update. While I was waiting for extraction of software the iPod restarted. It was no longer in dfu mode. So I tried again and everything ran smoothly. My only gripe about 4.0 is the fact that alot of my mods are not supported..... Yet I'll just have to wait. Thanks for everyones help. Peace

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    So the dfu mode restore and update to 4.0 method worked fine ? Also you say that your mods aren't supported for 4.0 yet do you mean you managed to jailbreak 4.0 fine too ? Thanks bz

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    Yeah dfu worked fine. I jailbroke it at It has been working fine since. Mods like infinboard, infinidock, and proswitcher are not supported... Yet sbsettings sees to work fine

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    Kool well I think I'll restore and update to 4.0 when I get bak from France, probably won't jailbreak 4.0 for a while as I didn't find the jailbreak benefited 'me' ( also as it's new not much works with it yet and it's a bit buggy but give it time and I'm sure it'll be fine )
    cheers bz have fun with cydia

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