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Thread: Ipod Touch 8gb "Third Generation"

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    Default Ipod Touch 8gb "Third Generation"
    I got a new Ipod 8gb Third Generation and I've got a couple of questions.
    1. If its true that 8gb Third Generations have the same hardware as Second Generations, do second generation jailbreaks work for my ipod?
    2. While jailbreaking Second Generations I've read that there's an option to allow multitasking, will that option be available to my version of Ipod?
    3. Can my Ipod Downgrade without SHSH blobs like Second Gens can?
    BTW its a MC Model

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    I know people like to rely on postcounts to tell if I'm a reliable source, but hear me out anyways, since I've been lurking the iPhone/iPod touch jailbreaking scene for a while.

    1. No. iPod touch 8GB MC's are the same hardware as second generation but they have different software in the ROM, more akin to the iPod touch 3G.
    2. I would imagine so, as long as you have Backgrounder and/or iOS 4. If the jailbreaking tool for the iPod touch MC model doesn't offer it, you just have to change a flag in one of the plists.
    3. No. iTunes treats the iPod touch 2G MC model as a third-generation iPod touch.
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    1. Nope.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes.

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