Turbo2Sn0w ends up with ASL.dll error and will shutdown / reboot your PC in 600 seconds.

What does it do actually?

It copys a batch file named iTunes.bat onto the startup folder with the error msg and shutdown command

How to fix this issue?

Remove the batch file named iTunes.bat from the startup folder and make a reboot


Well this one looked a little more promising because it was a bigger file. Turns out they just added a bunch of useless .dll files to make a larger file. this it what you see.

and....this is all it really is...

Its just some useless bit of msg box code that does nothing at all to your iDevice.

All just a waste of time and a pain to deal with. I suggest everybody just waits untill the jailbreak is out to the public. Unless its from comex, devteam, or gehot, i wouldn't waste my time trying these failbreaks.