After downloading some Audio Book CDs, I accidently uplugged my iPod while it was still syncing or something, this caused it to crash, so I turned it off. It is already jailbroken btw. Turn it back on, plugged it into the computer, clicked make it ra1n. Didn't get any error message, and I;m pretty sure iTunes could recognize my iPod too. but, anyway, It would never leave Geohot's Picture. 4 to 5 minutes later, it would make the "USB unplugging sound" , and the ipod would show the itunes pic again.

Ok, with that said. Do I now have to restore it? I'm pretty sure I do, so anyway. I looked at what Jay Freeman said about restoring ipod touch without updating but the problem is, if I go to redirect itunes server to cydias. I don't have the host file for some reason. I have a file called lmhost not host. in the location. C/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/lmhost it may be liek an older version of the host file. because it says copyright : 1993-1999..and I have windows XP btw.

If I open command prompt and type: ..Command Propmt States that it is an unrecognizable file.

Other Info:
I have iTunes 9.1 (should I go back to iTunes 9.0?)
I have Windows XP
I got my iPod Dec 24, 2009, 3rd Gen, 32GB, Ver 3.1.2
Never Updated iPod
I jailbroke using blackra1n
I never clicked the "make my life easier" button on Cydia :'(.
I downloaded the firmware Ipod3. 3.1.2 ED711(or something similar)and it worked all the way up until it had to verify. (Pretty much the only problem I have is the outdated hosts file.)