Something from Cydia caused my Ipt3G to get stuck in SafeMode all the time. It would not get out of SafeMode so I uninstalled Mobilesubtrate(and everything that depended on it) and now BlackRa1n continuously reboots/rejailbreaks over and over and over. Geo's face appears first then the swod over the top of it and then it reboots into recovery mode which makes Blackra1n run again. Sometimes the screen turns black and I have to repower the ipt3g to get blackra1n to run again. I never get to the lockscreen. It has 3.1.2 on it, but I never was offered "make my life easier" through Cydia so there is no shsh on file. I am using XP Home on the computer it is used with, but I tried it on another XP machine with no results. What are my options without moving up to 3.1.3? Also I don't believe there is SSH on it either.