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Thread: 3rd gen ipod touch "no disk space" issues

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    Default 3rd gen ipod touch "no disk space" issues
    Well i've been having problems with my ipod touch 3rd gen 32gb (MC model) on 3.1.1 . I believe the problems started when I downloaded categories, it told me I was out of disk space. This was odd but possible so I deleted about 15gb of videos for fun.

    The error messages and other problems went away until I downloaded a few more things from cydia. No cydia and itunes and my ipod think that my ipod is full. It shows I have 15gb of "other" and when I deleted videos it wouldnt give me any more space, the other memory place would just get larger

    It wont let me open cydia sometimes and when it does it wont let me do anything. It freezes up spontaneously. Normally I'd restore but itunes is no longer allowing you to use 3.1.1 or 3.1.2.

    I have tried renaming the hosts files and restoring but I was unsuccessful.

    I believe there is nothing else I can do except deal with it until I can restore or update to 3.1.3. However I thought I'd see if any of you have any ideas

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    is your ipod jailbroke? consider putting the unit into dfu mode then restoring to 3.1.2? go download the 3.1.2 and hold shift when u click the restore! if the unit isnt jailbroke and you dont plan on it then just go update to 3.1.3

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    Do you have rock? Go to var/mobile/library/ryp/logs and delete the really big log there. That should do it is you have rock. But if not, restore.

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    Then do. Hard reboot by holding the power and home button til the screen goes black.

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    Thanks tiger i'll try that later, I would restore but i'm having troubles with that since its a 3rd gen and apple doesnt allow you to restore to 3.1.2 anymore

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