Good aftenrnoon all, I have an iPod Touch 3G. (Brought Jan 2010 Serial# 1B945ZXXXXX)
When I purchased the device it has Firmware 3.1.2 after using blackra1n I found that I had installed too many programs and decided to do a little housecleaning. Uninstalling one program (pass @ app name) decided to make the springboard crash over and over again giving me the poorly iPod icon. (Recovery Mode)

Things to take into consideration before I ask the question:

I had to reinstall to 3.1.3 firmware due to the crash.
I had made a ROCKID (before the loop)
I have my SHSH backed upto to the rock server. (Before the loop)
I have edited my HOSTS file to

Do I need to find a 3.1.2 firmware again before trying blackra1n?

I'm sorry for any vague'ness but I have tried so many things I am trying to keep this simple and I am also trying to learn everying I can about this new spunky device. shame it was locked to the app store.

Any help, thoughts would be nice.