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Thread: 3.1 help

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    Default 3.1 help
    can someone help teh noob? D: <3 ok i have an ipod 2G that i jailbroke a long time ago so I'm running version 2.2.1 on a program called Final Snow but i want the new jailbroken 3.1. Do i have to jailbreak it to version 3.0 with pwnagetool then jailbreak it AGAIN with this new pwnage tool to get 3.1? i would really rather not do it twice, does anyone have any advise? Also where do i download the .iso thingy for version 3.1 and is there any way to make sure i dont lose my aplications/music/settings when i upgrade to 3.1? Thanks :3

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    Since you're on Mac, you just need Pwnage (recently released for 3.1, guide for which is on the main page). You don't need to jailbreak 3.0 then 3.1; just go to 3.1 and jailbreak (it'd be advisable to get it to a vanilla firmware before you jailbreak). You can get the .ipsw file via Apple from iTunes. If it's on iTunes, it'll be on your device (once you sync it up again). As for jailbroken apps, can't keep them (especially since you're upgrading to 3.1, some apps need an upgrade to work or are not supported and won't work on 3.1).

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    thanks! =D this helped a lot but just a few more things, whats a vanilla firmware, I've never heard of it. is it necessary to get it and what exactly does it do o.o".

    and i guess to download the 3.1 update from itunes ill need to pay the 5$?

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    "Vanilla" just means normal, not modified, not changed in any way. And yes, if you don't have the 3.0 FW from Apple, you need to pay them (unless you start off with 3.whatever, but you don't).

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    ok you really helped and i thought i knew what i was doing but i went on itunes and i could only find an upgrade to 3.1 not a 3.0 download. is there a specific way to download it i just dont know and if so how exactly do i do it. Finally do i do the thing where i hold down the buttons to clear the ipod then restore from 3.0 or do i just update to 3.0?

    Edit: (i just downloaded the 3.0 firmware from megaupload so i guess i have to restore to that or something? and can you be specific so i dont have to ask anymore questions, thanks :3)
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    You should just upgrade by finding the firmware (Shift+click for Windows, Option+click for Mac). Then let it load on; there's no need to restore to a higher firmware (but you have to restore to downgrade).
    Usually, iTunes gives you a window that asks to "Download and install" or "Download only", which you'd then click the latter.

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