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Thread: Don't Upgrade to 3.1.1!

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    Question Don't Upgrade to 3.1.1!
    My room mate upgraded to 3.1.1 for me while I was at work and iTunes 9. I freaked out when I got home because I have a jailbroken iPod Touch and just new I lost everything, which I did. I tried to restore back to 3.0 with no success. I called APPLE support and to my suspicion, once you upgrade to 3.1.1 you can not restore back to 3.0. To my horror, I'm stuck with a non-jailbroken iPod Touch upgraded to 3.1.1 and now running iTunes 9,thanks to my room mate. I have none of my favorite movie, music and gaming applications and can not install them unless I can somehow manage to get Cydia on this, now semi-worthless iPod Touch 2nd gen, 3.1.1. I need all the brain power of all you 12 year old and chinese/japanese boys to come up with a one click program that will jailbreak/install cydia on an iPod Touch 2nd gen, upgraded to 3.1.1 using iTunes 9. Please notify me immediately when you complete creating this miracle program. [email protected]

    thank you for your help, and good luck to anyone else who has a moron for a room mate.

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    you should study more English for your concern especially punctutation ..

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    awww man i recommend for you to make your own profile on the computer, and passcaode lock on the ipod so that roommate won't do that agin,

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    this can be fixed by installing , or by downloading any chuck norris movie

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    hopefully the jb for 3.1 for my ipt2g will come out soon.
    alot of great games and apps will only work with at least 3.0
    im running 2.2.1 and dont want to update to 3.0 only to have to update to 3.1 like a few weeks later.

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    Smile You can !!!
    YOU CAN GO BACK TO 3.0. In google just type in IPod Touch firmwares. *Remember to type firewares not firmware. Than it should be the first or second link- iPod and iPhone Firmware Download

    Hope this helps- Matt

    You can actually just click that link

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    actually everyone who was jailbroken knew this....ur friend is an a**hole for doing that tho lol

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    I just hope that as soon as a JB is found, that the dev team notify him immediately via email like he asked. LOL

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    I bet the dev team is working on it now, i still have the 3.0 firmware and the 3.1 firmware on my PC when i upgrade.

    Errr that brings up a question,

    will red snow 0.8 re-jailbreak the 3.1 firmware onto my ipod touch 2g?

    I know i have to re-install ALL my packages...Again..

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