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Thread: crap, need help......A lot of it.

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    Default crap, need help......A lot of it.
    Heres the story. My friend jailbroke my itouch and upgraded it to the 3.0 software, he lives in CT and I in VA so he can't fix the problem. When I got home Windows was recognizing my itouch as a camera and Itunes was giving me the Iphone has been detected but can't be identified properly. I tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling itunes. Tried to update my drivers using usbspall or something like that can't remember name. All several times. I also tired disconnecting my internet and disabling the wi-fi on the phone...because people on some other website said that would work, as well as using USB ports. Desperate since I'm going on car trip with nothing to do on Sat. I wanted to sync my ipod so I went into recovery mode. After I restored I got the same ipod error AGAIN. Then I tried restoring using a different mode called the UFP or ULP (something like that) and restored getting the iphone detected.....blah blah blah. I run Windows XP and have the most current Itunes (8.2)

    I forgot to mention that currently the itouch is stuck on the connect to itunes image w/o neither windows or itunes recognizing it.

    plz plz anyone out there?
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    Well, if you haven't tried DFU mode (maybe that was what you were getting to with ULP or UFP), do so if it is still stuck on the screen. The device being seen as a camera is usual and should just be ignored. If the device is seen by the computer, that's good. I'm unsure what iTunes means by "cannot be detected properly" if the device is detected by the computer. The fact that it cannot be restored seems to be a cause of what may have been done by your friend. The device may have been transferred to another account (his) and a simple restore doesn't fix that. Now that should cause an explicit error saying such, so that is in some doubt. The method about messing around with your WiFi isn't going to help in any foreseeable way. You don't need to use different USB ports if the device is seen by the computer.
    So try DFU mode again as it takes anything existing on the device out of the equation of trying to fix your device.

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    Thanks Ill try DFU mode again when I get home tonight then I'll try uninstalling itunes Again. If that doesn't work I'm taking it to the genies bar and feigning ignornance....I won't have to feign much though lol. Any idea why the connect to itunes pic won't go away because at the very least I could by stuff off itunes from the touch if I could get it working.

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    That image will remain until you either restore or put it into a different mode (DFU).

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