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Thread: Home Button is broken therefore cannot jailbreak

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    Default Home Button is broken therefore cannot jailbreak
    My home button is broken. I have searched the forums high and low to figure out how to put it into DFU mode so that I can jailbreak it and make this thing usable once again. I have not found anything that works and this will be the last resort before I decide to blow this thing up or get it repaired.

    Is there any way to put the ipod touch into DFU mode on either windows xp or osx?

    If not, is there any way to manually install the custom firmwares created through pwnage tool?

    If not, is there any other suggestions about what I can do? (don't say get the home button fixed cuz you’re a jackass if you say that)


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    I am not aware of software that will put your device into DFU mode. If there really is no software that can, that means you can't get into DFU mode; the home button is quite necessary for most functions. If you want to put on custom firmware, Shift+Click (Win) or Option+Click (Mac) the 'Restore' button in iTunes, then go to the directory where your custom firmware is and select it to use for usage (device must be pwned before-hand, if I recall correctly).

    If the button is physically disabled, bring it into Apple (if you're still under warranty) and you'll get it fixed or get a new device.
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    i was fixing a 3g phone with the home button broken. I was able to upgrade to 3.0 by lifting the lcd up and jumping the two contact points under the home button. did this while using pwnage tool. took me a couple tries to get into DFU mode, but it worked.

    I also replaced the home button flex cable / ribbon. Turned out to be the aftermarket case that was causing the contacts to not reach the points on the board.

    If you are on a 2g, you would have to replace the home button. Its not a simple switch, it requires soldering. So what i did was just replace the whole components that had the button and the mic on it.

    *oops. just read that you're on an ipod touch. not sure if this can apply to you.
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    Back when I had a 1G I had the same problem, unfortunately I cannot remember what I used but it was a DFU program I found on google that ran in DOS. MAYBE, it didn't even work and I just jammed down the button hard enough but I extremely doubt this because I never could before.

    Try to thoroughly search google, that is my best suggestion, sorry I can't be a bigger help.

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