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Thread: dfu without home button??

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    Default dfu without home button??
    well i just got my friends ipod touch for free and its out of warranty, its home button is irresponsive, i would like to jailbreak it except it seems that in my ipod touches current condition it can not. i have been able to downgrade it to 2.0 from its original 2.2.1, and i understand all of the computer terms used here, except im baffled on why there are 3 apps that can put the iphone into dfu mode but no apps that can put the itouch into dfu mode. So any help would be greatly appreciated. it is a 1g ipod touch so i know its dowgradable, but not sure if its downgradable without dfu... i want to downgrade to get the clockonce app wich is basicly just a home button on your touch screen.

    again im just trying to get dfu without the home button I would greatly prefer this one over the one underneath but if ends meet then i may have no choice...

    or a guide to opening it and fixing the logic board without replacing it would be good, i have soldering tools and a bit of experience with them.
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    You could try one of the programs to put into DFU mode, but they may not work. iTunes could help you; shift+click (or alt if a Mac) the restore button and select a lower firmware and it should restore to a lower FW. I wouldn't continue as even though you can have that button on the touch screen, it's very difficult to do much of anything without use of one of the two hardware buttons.

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    I feel like there were programs that put it into DFU mode without hardware. Im pretty sure ZiPhone can do it. Even though i hate ziphone with a fiery passion. But maybe those programs were only for lower firmwares. :/ sorry i cant provide more...
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