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Thread: Wth is happening!??!?!

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    Default Wth is happening!??!?!
    Alright, I just installed Ziphone, because my friend told me its a good program to Jailbreak my Itouch.

    everything was working, untill 20min later, it was still installing...
    The program told me to Stop + Restart the program.
    when i did that, my Itunes said " Itouch is in recouvery mode " and dissconnected.

    Now i really tried EVERYTHING possible, My itouch is stuck in Recouvery Mode, My computer(s) are not reading it.

    And the screen just does this
    [ame=""]YouTube - After Ziphone messed up my Ipod Touch[/ame]

    Please Help...........

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    restore it.

    put ur phone in dfu, and get away from ziphone. might as well learn a bit more instead of listening to ur friend. use winpwn2.5 or pwnage tool or quickpwn. but you needa restore ur iphone to get it out of recovery mode and out of ziphones verbose mode. plug ur touch back into ur pc, open itunes. hold shift on ur keyboard (or option if on mac) and click on restore. and restore to the newest 2.0.2 or 2.0.1 firmware.
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    Thats the thing, its NOT reading the ipod

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    dont use ziphone lol. no, just put in DFU and then restore. but seriously, use winpwn or PwnageTool. ziphone screws your iphone/ipod touch
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