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Thread: iTouch wont sync

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    Default iTouch wont sync
    I recently upgraded my 1.1.4 jailbroken itouch to 2.0.1 and i used winpwn to jailbreak it. I ended up doing a clean install of the 2.0.1 firmware from a refresh restore of 1.1.4. Went to go sync all my stuff back to the itouch after playing with it and it does a few songs, all my photos and then stops or gives me an error that it cannot be copied and gives me a (-69 error). what the heck is up? How do i fix it? My friend is doing his soon but with 2.0 software and he sent me the firmware so im gonna try that if i cant figure anything out.

    any suggestions on how to load my **** back on my ipod?

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    the -69 error is when itunes is in the process of syncing and it detects a currupted file but tries syncing anyway (and fails because....well...its currupted)

    If its syncing all your pics and most of your songs, then one (or more) of your songs are currupted.

    you can easily fix it by removing the currupted song (you can tell which one it is by attempting to sync. you will get your error, see where the sync quit, delete the song after the last song (should be the currupted song) and then retrying the sync.) if your problems still goes on after that, then the rest of your backup is currupted and your screwed.

    and why get it from a friend. just google "ipod touch 2.0 firmware download." not givin out a link but there is a download link *cough cough cough in the first youtube video description cough cough cough* but i didnt tell you that..........anyway, it takes all of 2 minutes to download and 10 minutes to flash. why wait for a friend when you can have it installed, jailbroken, and ready to use in less then 15 minutes?

    just my 2 cents

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    If i do delete that song and it doesnt work and my backup is corrupted.. whats my fix? How screwed am i?

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    there is no fix if it doesnt work and thats how you would be screwed

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    ok sooo im trying to sync and some songs are corrupted so all im doing is just unclicking them and resyncing and it seems to be working.. Im restoring my computer soon, so ill just rebuild my itunes library anyways

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    I am having the same problem, whenever I tried to sync movies or tv shows onto my itouch I kept getting error -69, it even does this when I try to sync shows I downloaded from itunes. I don't have a clue what to do about this. If it helps I heard someone say something about itunes control having to do with the issue. On my ipod I found a file under mobile/media/iTunes_Control/iTunes called iTunesMovies that had 8 objects (I can't veiw them) which is the same number of movies that won't go onto my Itouch, I have one that does sync. Any ideas?

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