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Thread: Bug iTouch after iPwn

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    Unhappy Bug iTouch after iPwn
    Hi !
    I got a problem, i've just iPwn my iTouch, or at least tried to do so, from 1.1.4 to with winpwn RC1.
    I used the help of the software to do the pwn, put the ipod into recovery mode after have clicked on iPwner.
    I show the console on the ipod, i waited, and saw rebooting on the console, but then nothing..
    And now my ipod is always in black screen, can't boot, reboot or recover it ..

    Cant someone help me pleaaase .... !

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    Have you tried putting it into DFU mode? Or are you just trying recovery mode?

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    I guess i've just tried the recovery ( plugging the ipod while puting the home button ) because i dont know what is the DFU mode.

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    DFU is something for complete wipes then restoring. To get into DFU (the device must be turned off!):

    1. Hold down the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds
    2. Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button
    3. As soon as it is detected, release the home button. The screen should be completely black.

    If you hold the home button too long, you'll go into recovery mode. So should you fail the first time, just try it again but reduce the time in step 2 or step 1.

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    I did what you told me, after the 10 seconds, and few more seconds, iTunes detects the iPod, then the ipod turns in a white screen and back to black screen, and then nothing, just still iTunes telling in a window "waiting for ipod" and then show me an error..

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    What's the error?

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    I dont know..
    iTunes show a window with a progression bar, the bar goes full 2 times (During white screen on the ipod) , and then blocks to the beginning of it (black screen's back ), and later itunes shows an error message :
    " An ipod has been detected but is not correctly identified. Please disconnect and reconnect the ipod and try again. An unknown error happened ( 1605 )" (Hope you'll understand, i'm french, and not sure the traduction is alright )

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    The screen should be black during the entire restoring process. It could be that it isn't staying in DFU mode (it's trying to go into recovery, which as you've seen wont work). You can adjust the time you hold the power and home buttons for slightly less than 10 seconds (start at that point, exactly, then keep reducing the time to 9 seconds, 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 8.5 seconds. Just try a bunch of different times), but release the home button at the moment you hear the 'beep' that confirms the computer has detected a USB device.

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    Nope, there's allways the white screen, and if i go under 9 seconds, nothing happens..

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    I succeeded to go under 9 seconds, but everytime, the white screen comes back like the ipod wants to go to restore mode, and then always this iTunes error..

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    Try uninstalling then reinstalling iTunes.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    am I in the wrong forum for installer 4.0b6-5. My installer downloads apps but I cant play or use the apps it says " the application cant be opened " mod my ifone, help me plz???!!!

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    u need to connect ur ipod to computer,thn download ziphone 3.0,select opn for ugrading,then it will open ur itunes.
    for this,u will have to first download firmware 1.1.4(not from itunes).
    it will start ur touch in restore mode, then click on restore while pressing shift button(shift+click)..n choose d location f ur download f 1.1.4..n then u r done..!!

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    wow. You obviously have no idea what your talking about at all.

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