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Thread: Absolute Novice! Help, Help, Help!

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    Default Absolute Novice! Help, Help, Help!
    I have an iPod Touch. It was "Jailbroken" and had lots of games etc. on it and "installer". I connected it to my computer, downloaded iTunes (for the first time) and copied some music over. Now I have no 'extras' at all. Just the barebones factory? apps. Do I need to jailbreak it again or is it still Jailbroken. I can't seem to download installer, jailbreak me, nothing. I tried Liberty+ after reading a website but apparently it's too big for the itouch (I have the 16gig version,1.1.5)



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    Some questions to help us:
    1. Did you buy it jaibroken or did you jailbreak it yourself?
    2. If you know, which method was used to jailbreak it?
    3. Did you ever happen to restore?
    4. What OS are you on?

    You can jailbreak it on 1.1.5 (you need to use WinPwn as you're on Windows) or you could jailbreak and go to 2.0.1 (again, WinPwn, as there are no other methods for 2.0 and higher on Vista/XP).

    The reason the apps were 'removed' may be because they were overwritten while syncing (unlikely, but if you restored, then that's definite), otherwise it's odd that they would be removed once you synced it with iTunes.

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    1. I bought it jailbroken
    2. I don't know
    3. I didn't knowingly restore - is it the kind of thing that can happen by accident? If it's complex I definitely didn't restore.
    4. Vista Home Premium is the OS on my laptop (I presume that's what you mean?)

    WOuld you see an advantage in going to 2.0.1 over 1.1.5?

    And, finally, thank you very much for taking the time to help!


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    You should probably just restore and upgrade to 2.0.1 (just to be safe, upgrade the Apple version of the firmware, as if you go from 1.1.5 to 2.0.1 there could be some confusion and has a higher risk of error). Use WinPwn to modify the firmware once you've upgraded and you should be set! Here's a guide from BigBoss that will help you jailbreak!
    Hope that all helps!

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