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Thread: ipod touch update problem ?

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    Default ipod touch update problem ?
    okay so this is my first post i have been reading on this page for few days now and, i was thinking i could jailbreak it but no luck so this is the problem

    i did all of the steps and when ipod is restoring custom ipod file i get

    "the ipod could not be restored. an unknown error occured. (1604)"

    i have no idea what i am doing wrong i downloaded 2.0 firmware off apples page

    I downloaded it and checked it against the one I downloaded from iTunes and both have MD5 hash - 676F77363831DFB932C5AF0EE7E275C2

    so any help would be appriciated ? ? ?

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    Are you sure you're in DFU mode? Is the screen black when you're restoring?

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    well when i am restoring it the ipod is light up an there is icon cable connectiong to ipod thats whats showing ? so i am not sure i used a video posted here on forum how to do that but no luck

    would you be able to send me in better direction where i can make it work ?


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    Makija, "cable connecting to iPod" is not correct!!

    Read this:

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    Use a different usb port (like in the back of the computer). Most people are fixing 1604 errors with different usb ports or cords.

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    not a chance i tried every single usb port also i did try as that page said

    Get into DFU using this exact method, worked for me

    Try the following steps to manually enter DFU mode :

    - Plug iPhone to the PC via USB
    - Switch off the iPhone
    - Hold Power and Home buttons together 10 seconds (precisely!)
    - After 10 seconds, release Power button but keep holding Home button until your PC recognized the iPhone as a USB device
    - The display should be black like it is switched off
    - DFU mode is reached !

    and as soonest windows recognizes it it turns on the ipod and cable with music note is on no matter what i try
    so i have no idea what els to do any suggestions ? ? ?

    okay so after many attempts and trys with fail resoults it finaly managed to work

    i downloaded firmware of here

    Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

    and it worked perfectly

    now my second questio app store icon on my ipod says things are free ? but it still asks for username how do i find or get an username so i can download few free things?
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    You can set up an iTunes account without giving up your credit card number, so you can get apps from the AppStore, they just have to be free.

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    how do i do that every time i try to setup account asks for card?

    solved that problem too

    How to get a US iTunes account - free! - MacTalk Forums

    there is a link with pics step by step how to create free account without credit card !

    thx all for help
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    anybody know how to go back from the update on the ipod 3.1.3 or can you go back from an update

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