Most of you know that the January Software Update for the iPod Touch only works for the authorized computer that the update was downloaded from. I have tried to run the update my friend downloaded on my own iPod touch but it came up with an error screen that stated that my computer is not authorized for this update.

I decided to further analyze the iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa file to see if i can make it runnable on any computer. I extracted it with stuffit and in the folder I found 4 files:

1) Manifest.plist
2) Manifest.plist.p7b
3) nikita_receipt.plist
4) nikita.receipt.plist.sinf

My friends name is Nikita so i assumed the two files with his name are generated with a certificate that makes the program work with his computer. I was only able to view open up the Manifest.plist file.

I believe this is a good start to successfully allow any iPod touch user to have the January Software Update. I am just not sure how to entirely do so.

If anyone is familiar with the files posted above, please reply with any ideas. In fact, if anyone has any sort of inkling on how to do this, feel free to share it.