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Thread: Erorr in loading

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    Default Erorr in loading
    Hey guys, I having an issue with my iPod Touch. It froze once and I held down both buttons to restart. The following screen showed up, and reoccurs in showing up upon each restart:

    Singleuser boot -- fsck not done
    Root device is mounted read-only

    If you want to make modifications to fil
    /sbin/fsck -fy
    /sbin/mount -uw /

    If you wish to boot the system:

    :/ root#

    Anyone know how to fix this? I would try to enter command but I don't see how I can do that. Also iTunes doesn't seem to recognize the iPod when it's plugged in (in which when it's plugged in a bunch of other text appears too, as well as when it's been unplugged). Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

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    Well, if that appeared on your iPod, it appears something caused the drive of your iPod to become read-only (can't modify). You could use a program to terminal into it, but I have a very low knowledge of terminal commands.
    If anyone else knows how to use a terminal, some help would be appreciated!

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    That does not mean that your drive is read only. It is booting into single user mode and logged in as root. it is set read only for this reason. if you want to modify files you can mount the filesystem with mount command and the -uw flags (as it shows in the terminal). you can run fsck like it says to check your filesystem or you can type exit and it will attempt to load the system. I doubt ssh is running in this state and obviously your keyboard will not come up. So. . . restore.

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    I cannot restore for as I said, iTunes doesn't recognize it =/.

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    Can you put it in dfu mode?

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    It's a failsafe that the device has in case of there's some catastrophic error with it (so you can restore).
    To put it in DFU mode:
    -Hold the power and home button for 10 seconds (exactly)
    -Release the power button and keep holding the home button
    -Once the computer recognizes the device, release the home button (or it will go into restore mode, which doesn't seem to work for you)
    The screen should be black, try to restore then

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    When I find my USB with the SSH program, I'm going to try to see if that will work (if i can remember the wifi address). If that doesn't work, I suppose I'll have to try this for a restore.

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