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Thread: My multiple iPod questions...

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    Default My multiple iPod questions...
    Hi. I'm sorry for starting new thread, I read bunch of them but I don't understand bunch of things, so hopefully this will help me.
    I'm quite new with iPod touch. When I got it i update it to 2.0 system. It was update that i found from YouTube (press shift and choose check for updates). But now I want to use all apps.
    What should I do?
    I read somewhere that I need to downgrade to 1.1.4 first. So I got WinPWN but I can't go through this. It says put your ipod into recovery mode so I unlock cable while holding HOMe but nothing happens. Btw, should I have itunes have runnig?
    So how to downgrade it?

    my other questions are:
    - what is optimal picture size (detailed but not too big in the size? 800x600?
    - I read on forum that I can backup my ipod (in itunes or other software?). Can I use the backup to another but the same type of ipod?
    - is there any way to convert my mp3 collection with iTunes into "perfectly tagged, labelarted" mp3?
    - Can I remove unused icons from my Ipod screen?
    - Some of my mp3 don't work on my Ipod touch, however they work perfectly on nano. What's wrong with them?
    - To put apps you must be online or you can upload them from computer?

    I wish that someone would guide me through this
    Thanx for any help.

    A little update. So I downloaded iTunes 7.5.
    I put my ipod in recovery mode but when I start to update it (shift and update) few seconds after loading the 1.1.4 file I got this message:
    You can't update this ipod. Unknown error occur

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    OK, first off, you DON'T need to downgrade to jailbreak your iPod. You can use 2.0 WinPwn or use a pwned firmware from a mac (Pwnage tool), which I did and had absolutely no issues. (Just restore and do it over again)
    As for your library, you can just move the music in mass over to the iTunes music folder (if they're the same format, MPEG-4), otherwise, you'll have to use the Import (in the 'file' section) one at a time.
    For apps, use the app store or Cydia (currently the 3rd party app installer provided on custom firmwares) and those will get you all the apps you can get (many more to come over the months), and as for the music not working on the iPod, I don't know.

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    Ok. So I don't need to update.
    So i run WinPWN, load 1.1.4 firmware and I have a window that tells me to put my ipod into recovery mode.
    So I hold home+power for 10s let power go, itunes detects ipod, on Pwn i have a line obout it, but nothing happens! What should I do now? Should the window with message disappear?

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    Now you have to shift-click the recovery button and select your custom firmware. If you see your custom boot logo (if you chose to do so), it's success!

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