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Thread: Huge Amount of "Other" Disk Space

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    Default Huge Amount of "Other" Disk Space
    So i recently jailbroke my iPod Touch (8gb) using winpwn. I have a 1.45gb of space on my iPod, mind you this is just recently jailbroken. The only applications I have installed right now other than the standard applications on 2.0 are;

    Cube Runner (no level packs)
    Crash Bandicoot 3D (cracked)
    Flashlight (cydia)
    Toggle SSH

    I havent even put my music or videos back on but something is taking up 1.45 gb of space. What is making this much space?!

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    Crash Bandicoot maybe the one that is taking up some of the space, although it seems highly unlikely.

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    Well, there may be other things on your iPod, it just is under "Other" as that's the catch-all category.
    I'd suggest that you remove all of the apps and see what happens, and if that removes everything, then slowly add one at a time and see if one of them causes the hard disk space to skyrocket.

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    I had my 16 gig, jailbroken, Ipod touch connected to my itunes during the night to sync then charge for the night, and when I woke up, all my music and videos were gone, and it said i had 7.36 gigs of space used up by other! i know for a fact I am deff not using that much space for my apps. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

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    You may just want to try restoring or syncing it again, as having that much room 'taken up' by something that is not there is very much wrong. It could be the software misreading the space left, or there is something on your iPod/iPhone that really is taking up that much room, which is not right at all.
    Or it could just be your music IS on your device, it's just not categorized (to the device, at least), so it's nothing more than filler.

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    hey had the same problem a long while back ended up i had to restore the other space was my songs for some odd reason ..... i had to restore and everything was ok after that

    give it a try reply back with info and results


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    i've got 1.05gb of "other" on my iphone and that can't be right. i mean, i've got a lot of apps... but none that take up that much space. i'm tempted to restore to get the space back... but wish there was an easier way. i don't really feel like redoing all of my mods.
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    I am having the same problem. However, I was going to delete all the content, but most of my backups are probably corrupt (because i had to cancel a lot of them mid backup because it would take soooooooo long to back up.)

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    Same problem over here. 16Gig JB ipod touch and 5,16GB 'other'?????

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