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Thread: Should I... Or, Mabey Not

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    Default Should I... Or, Mabey Not
    Ok, I have been off the iTouch/iPhone stuffs for a while. (Been doing some Wii and XBOX 360 Modding)

    But I began to love my iTouch again.

    Here is my question...

    I'm running on 1.1.4 JailBroken, I JailBroke it with ZiPhone 3.0 a few hours after it's release.

    The apps I'm running right now are fine and I love all of them, but some in the app store look great.

    I'm a member of 10+ torrent sites so I have seen plenty of pirated AppStore apps and I have seen cracked versions of iTouch 2.0 Firmware.

    So here is my big question...

    Can I take pirated AppStore apps and manually put them on my 1.1.4 iTouch through SSH?

    If I can't do you think the update to 2.0 is worth the time?


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    Somehow I don't think pirating the appstore apps is quite that easy (isn't there some kind of authentication required? something?) also, I'm sure there shouldn't be any piracy talk here either. for me at least, 2.0 is a huge waste of time until MANY more apps get ported, and I already have a nice list of 1.1.4 apps worth waiting for appstore, so I'm about to downgrade.

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