i'm having a major problem with my ipod touch. Firstly, i'd like to consider myself pretty knowledgable on the itouch. I know how to navigate my way around it, SSH, and jailbreaking. Today I encountered a problem. My wifi wasnt working. I restarted several times but it still didnt work. So i backed up my ipod, and did a hard reset. I jailbroke with ilibertyX on a mac. It jailbroke successfully, but it couldnt add any sources ( i tried multiple ones) I received "could not refresh sources". I tried clearing my que, resetting, etc... I jailbroke 5 more times since, twice with ziphone on a mac, once with ziphone on a pc, and then two more of the same. (I even tried pwnage, and after that, i did a DFU restore). Every single time i couldnt refresh sources. I even tried to restore to 1.1.1 and then jailbreak it, but jailbreakme.com isnt working, it wont download appsnap, so i cant do it that way. I am out of ideas, and i cant use my ipod as i used to.
Please help