Hey folks,

I used iLibertyX to jailbreak my iTouch 1.1.4. I installed a few apps, such as BSD, NES, snes, photoboard, terminal, ssh, mxtube, and iphysics. I reconnected my iTouch and my iTunes (MAC) was able to read and recognize my iPod. However, shortly after, I installed Summerboard for themes, and iTunes (MAC) failed to recognize the iTouch stating that the device timout. However, my PC iTunes can still recognize and sync my iTouch. Has anyone had this problem before?

If so, is there a way to back up which applications I have already installed in the case where this happens and I need to restore and reinstall, I dont have to sit there and reinstall everyapp I had installed before? Has anyone have any experience with Cydia, and if I should install that when I jailbreak again with iLibertyX?