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Thread: The new Ipod Touch Update

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    Default The new Ipod Touch Update
    I have recently jail broken my ipod touch 16 gb. I have firmware 1.1.4. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me a way to get the new ipod touch update (the five apps such as mail, notes, maps, weather, etc) on my jail broken ipod. I found them before, but then i uninstalled it by accident and now I cant get it back. Can anyone tell me please? I think it's a source right? Thanks a lot.

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    Do a google search for ipodtouchmaster installer source. I'm pretty sure those apps would be considered warez, so i can't give you the installer source. But it's easy to find.

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    I have the installer source and I have installed them once. But now when i put that same source on my ipod the apps dont come up. And I don't know why.
    Any suggestions?

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    i am having the same problem with the ipodtouchmaster source

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    Any suggestions or other sources we can use anyone?
    Also can any explain or give me a guide/FAQ that tells you how to fix the summerboard problem? It's being a real pain.

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    [ame=""]YouTube - AUTOMATIC way to get Iphone Apps on Ipod Touch, No Computer![/ame]

    thank me!! j/k. =]

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    For some reason I can't see the video right now...

    But if you install the source BlazeUltimate (google it), there will be a section in installer called "1.1.4 Backups" which has all of the apps.
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