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Thread: Restore Problems

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    Default Restore Problems
    Yesterday I pwned my iPod and restored it to firmware 2.0. By today, however, I became bored of it and decided to downgrade to 1.1.4 for stability and 3rd party app support. First, I began the restoration process with iTunes. Then, I downloaded iLiberty in the background. While iTunes was "preparing to restore [my] iPod," I launched iLiberty. Now I know that this was a wrong move, because iLiberty killed iTunes.

    So I began the restoration process again. But this time when iTunes got to the part about preparation, it terminated the restoration with an error. I've tried to restore it again with different firmware versions, but I always get an error, error 1007 I believe.

    If anyone knows of an alternative way of restoring that might work, or any other advice, it would be greatly appreiciated. Thanks in advance.

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    try with a new fresh system.. and donwload the firmware from then hold shift and restore.....

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    Did you try putting it into DFU mode, or if it's already in DFU mode, restore mode? Also, was the firmware you were trying to restore it to pwned already? If it was, try a regular non-pwned firmware.


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    Use iPHUC, I forgot the link I got it from but if you Google it you will get a great number of sites to download it from.

    It prepares your iTouch or iPhone for a downgrade so you don't get the Error in iTunes.

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