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Thread: restore from backup?

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    Default restore from backup?
    howdy! avid reader, first time poster. i have been searching around, and maybe it's because i am misunderstanding something but i was wondering if there is any way i can back up the current firmware of my itouch so if i mess it up i can just restore it later?

    i know jailbreaking isn't much work, but hey. here is some background to the question (i'll try not to be too long): i got my 8gb itouch. i was pumped. couldnt wait to hack it and play with this crazy thing. i jailbroke the 1.1.4 firmware with ziphone and installed some jazz. then i started getting a crazy "main script execution failed!" message. i stupidly assumed it was something ziphone did with 1.1.4 jailbreak so i uninstalled. then i started with the 1.1.1, jailbroke/restore to 1.1.2 (the old fashioned way), then updated with installer to 1.1.3 (i DO realize i could have gone right there, but where's the fun in that? had to see what it was all about).

    so i am at 1.1.3. installed some apps. same problem! turns out it was the perl installation. so i found a thread on how to remove it, no more problems! right now i can't get perl to work. dont know why. i want it so i can run the metasploit 2.7 framework. anyway, i was wondering if there is a way i can back up my current situation (firmware, apps, what have you) to an ipsw that i can restore to the touch later should i have problems? or better yet does anyone know how to fix this problem? or even BETTER yet does anyone know if Ruby can handle the 3.1 metaploit framework and i can skip all of this? or has anyone had success with the 2.0 firmware in this regard? an answer to any of these would GREATLY help.


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    The 2.0 firmware is not jailbreakable yet. You can use pwnage to make a custom ipsw file if you have a mac and drop your apps into the core package or do it while the drive is mounted on your desktop. Be careful not to load any apps that require BSD subsystems b/c pnwage does not pre-install this yet so you will run into problems. The other way would be to SSH into the Touch and drop all your apps in that way (again with the BSD requirment) and make sure to change the permissions on the app folders to 775.

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    thanks for your quick reply! the new pwnage 1.1 can't jailbreak the 2.0 firmware yet? i have access to a mac but it is in a lab at school, so i dont have admin privelages so no dice.

    so if i just back up the Apps folder will that work? i know there is not real way to know if ALL of the apps have all of their dependancies within their respective .apps folders, but for the most part is that true? like could i just ssh, copy my Applications folder, then when i got in trouble at some point do a restore/jailbreak and just re-send that backed up Applicaions folder on over and have all my apps back?

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