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Thread: JailBreak 1.1.4 On 16GB

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    Default JailBreak 1.1.4 On 16GB
    Ok... I'm on 1.1.1 with a 16GB iTouch. When 1.1.3 was the big thing I tried JailBreaking it ZiPhone but as most of you know it doesn't work with 16 or 32GB. So I have two quick questions...

    If I put my iTouch on 1.1.4 firmware with iTunes and use the newest version of iLiberty, will it be able to Jailbreak my 16GB iTouch?

    Also... I have seen screen shots of iLiberty and seen that you can add BSD and OpenSSH straight from iLiberty. Is iLiberty just a normal Jailbreak (When I mean normal I mean it Jailbreaks and adds Installer and nothing more) or is it more of a Pwnage type thingy, like custom firmware?

    UPDATE: I have used ZiPhone 3.0 to update to 1.1.4 JB, it works wonders. I recommend it to anybody.
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    The latest ziphone does work now nit like before on one click and i can confirm since i have a 32gb with 1.1.4 and have done it over 10 times now with no problem.

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    iLiberty is more or less ZiPhone, but more aimed for both the iPod and the iPhone. I tried iLiberty, but I couldn't get it to run on Linux, so I used plain old (modded) ZiPhone. I think that Lobo Lansky knows what he's talking about saying that ZiPhone works w/ 1.1.4 32GB, seeing as he has done it over 10 times =). iLiberty is not so much like Pwnge, although it will allow you to install certain things through the jailbreak process.
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    Both ziPhone and iLiberty will jailbreak your iPod.
    I have not had the need to use iLiberty, but with ziPhone you need to install OpenSSH and BSD Subsystem manually.

    Both programs will jailbreak your iPod in under a minute. They both will add the Installer app.

    They don't install a custom firmware, either. Only pwnage does that.
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