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Thread: touch jailbreak help

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    Default touch jailbreak help
    i am trying to jailbreak my ipod so i can get touch touch revolution on it but it wont work at all
    i go to the jailbreak site and safari crashes(so far so good)
    i open the mbasher folder and run the bat file i kill itunes helper but when i press enter on the cmd screen it comes up with an error about no entry point and something about qtml or something like that.
    i keep retrying tried a different usb port still no luck.
    i had to restore my ipod like 5 times already
    im getting ticked off but any help would be great

    here is the error:
    The procedure entry point CFCopyDescription could not be located in the dynamic link library QTMLClient.
    please help or at least say you have no idea whats wrong with it

    no one will respond at all? please just say that you have no idea so i know that you are at least reading this

    shall no one help me?
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    i'll have a go.

    when jailbreaking my iTouch, i used planetbeing's touchFree 3.

    the only issue i had with it was that ssh didn't start properly, but i believe that was fixed by the next version.

    if worst comes to worst, you can do some of the parts manually based on (if and) when the automated jailbreaker fails, using the Windows jailbreak from the touchdev wiki.

    Let me know how you go!

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    well i tried both of those but i think the error is a dll error in iphuc

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    hmmm.... thats odd...
    have you tried the latest version from planetbeing's site?
    maybe that will help a bit.
    Also, make sure that iTunes.exe and iTunesHelper.exe and iPodService.exe (if applicable) are ended from the Task Manager in windows, or by using the kill command in OS X. Could be interfering..?

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    i got it just had to put the qtmlclient.dll in the folder wit the jailbreak app

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    Enjoy the freedom!

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    i love all the apps
    specially tap tap revolution

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